Part-Time Controllership

One of the biggest problems for a small and medium-sized business owner is the inability to hire a trusted financial advisor who can look at your company’s accounting situation and provide you with reliable advice. Chances are you simply don’t have the money available to hire one and, even if you did have the money, you probably aren’t big enough to require someone on a full-time basis.

This is where Part-Time Controller services from Positive Accounting can help you. You can have the services of an experienced controller you can trust but on a limited basis as you require. These services can help you make the informed decisions needed to help your business grow.

Part-Time Controller services from Positive Accounting offer:

  • Growth Management - We can help find the best strategy for your company to expand
  • Innovative Suggestions - We’ll look at your entire company from a financial standpoint and see what can be done better
  • Cash Flow Monitoring - Make sure you don’t run into any cash flow problems due to payroll remittances or HST returns
  • Financial Planning - Start thinking about outside investment or find out what to do with the money your company takes in

Stay ahead of the competition with the knowledge of a part-time controller helping to ensure you make smart decisions. Contact us today to get started.

Experts you can trust, advice you can rely on and results that matter.

That’s Positive Accounting!