Network Marketing

Are you in the home-party or multi-level marketing industry? When it comes to tax time, are you often left wondering what write-off goes where and which expenses you are allowed to include?

At Positive Accounting we have been working closely with industry leaders and their organizations to create a comprehensive and beneficial program called “Taxation Made Easy”!

There is a definite need for information from a trustworthy, reliable and approachable source. Of course, that’s where Joti Vallabh comes in! As the “Accountant WITH a Personality”, focusing on budding entrepreneurs is our specialty.

At your request, our services include:

  • A network marketing focused presentation on how to properly organize and record expenses in your home-based business INCLUDING Q&A time
  • Hand-outs and charts to fill in your year’s expenses
  • Bookkeeping services which include a personalized database that is growth focused to easily see which investments in your business were more fruitful

We have been meeting with executive leaders and their teams in many different home-party based businesses, offering expert tax advice and insightful tips on how to fully take advantage of all of the tax benefits you are eligible for as a sole proprietor. Contact us today.

Positive Accounting would be pleased to discuss with you how the tax laws apply to your particular situation and needs. Contact us today.