Why choose Positive Accounting?

There are quite a few reasons to choose Positive Accounting!

It doesn’t matter if you are handing over all your bookkeeping duties to someone else or just a few tasks, it will help your business in numerous ways. If you outsource your bookkeeping with Positive Accounting, you will see countless benefits.

Saving you TIME!

We specialize in helping small and medium size businesses. We have extensive experience working with companies in a wide range of industries.

No one works harder than a business owner and entrepreneur. Trust us, we know. If there were 48 hours in a day, you would still want more in order to get as much done as possible and we haven’t even touched the bookkeeping part yet! That is why you should outsource. Let the professionals at Positive Accounting take care of it, which will result in greater time efficiencies for you so that you can focus on your true passion.

Putting YOU first!

As your business changes, so do your needs. An outsourced bookkeeping partner can be abreast of these changes by adapting and remaining flexible so that your business can remain strong. At Positive Accounting, you’re always first.

We guarantee to make your workflow better, smarter and easier. Contact us today.

Saving you MONEY!

We believe every customer should have the luxury of saving as much money as possible on their taxes. Misclassifying transactions& lack of tax knowledge can all cost you more money in taxes. Let the professionals at Positive Accounting save you money.

The average salary of an in-house bookkeeper can range anywhere between $32,000 – $58,000 + (25% Hidden Cost) depending on the level of experience. It’s no stretch of the imagination to quickly realize where your business can save money by outsourcing.

Experts you can trust, advice you can rely on and results that matter.

That’s Positive Accounting!

Your Accounting, Bookkeeping and Tax service experts

Save time and money by outsourcing to Positive Accounting



  • Business Health Check-Up
  • Incorporation Registration
  • Cash Flow/Budgets/Forecasting
  • CFO Services Database Clean-Up
  • Database Diagnostics
  • International Corporation Registration
  • QBO & XERO Database Set-Up
  • QuickBooks Conversion to XERO
  • Strategic Business Advisory

Paperless Bookkeeping

  • Bookkeeping (Full Cycle & Paperless)
  • Bill Pay E-Commerce (Amazon/Shopify)
  • Financial Statement Preparation & Review
  • GST/HST Filing
  • Inventory Advisory & Set-Up
  • Monthly Bank Reconciliation
  • Monthly Employee Expense Report
  • Monthly Financial Reporting
  • Monthly Oversight of Financial Process
  • Monthly Payroll Processing
  • Paperless App Integration
  • WSIB & ROE Filing


  • Corporate Tax
  • CRA Liason
  • Estate Taxes/Final Return
  • HST Audit Assistance
  • HST Registration
  • International Business Registration, Taxation & Administration
  • Payroll Processing
  • Payroll Registration
  • Partnership Taxes
  • Personal Tax
  • Personal Tax Audit Assistance
  • Sole Proprietor Taxes
  • T4 Preparation
  • Taxes & Payroll for Nannies
2019 Global Business Insight Awards

2019 Global Business Insight Awards

Focus on your passion

While Positive Accounting focuses on your books

We understand you didn’t go into business to do a bunch of complicated and time-consuming paperwork. That’s why Positive Accounting wants to take care of your accounting, bookkeeping and taxes. We ensure that all work is done, and done right, while ensuring it meets all requirements and regulations. We’ve helped companies of all shapes, sizes and backgrounds in Oakville and the surrounding areas get out from under the mountain of accounting paperwork and go back to doing what they love: making customers happy.

You’ve heard from us, now see what our customers say about Positive Accounting