Benefits of Outsourcing

It doesn’t matter if you are handing over all your bookkeeping duties to someone else or just a few tasks; it will help your business in numerous ways. You will see countless benefits if you outsource your bookkeeping with Positive Accounting.

Saving you TIME!

No one works harder than a business owner and entrepreneur. Trust us, we know. If there were 48 hours in a day, you would still want more to get as much done as possible, and we haven’t even touched the bookkeeping part yet! That is why you should outsource. Let the professionals at Positive Accounting take care of it, which will result in greater time efficiencies for you so that you can focus on your true passion.

Saving you MONEY!

The average salary of an in-house bookkeeper can range between $50,000 – $65,000 depending on the experience level. Not to mention all the CPP, EI, Vacation and Benefits cost on top of those. It’s no stretch of the imagination to realize where your business can save money by outsourcing quickly.

Fraud Prevention: Many clients have moved to Positive Accounting after being defrauded out of hundreds of thousands of dollars by their in-house bookkeeper/controller. Controls of your business and the payables are vital to prevent fraud. At Positive Accounting, we have the knowledge and experience to help you put in place secure fraud prevention processes with checks and balances.

Putting YOU first!

As your business changes, so do your needs. An outsourced bookkeeping partner like Positive Accounting will keep you ahead of the changes by adapting and remaining flexible so your business can stand firm.

At Positive Accounting, you’re always first. Contact us today.

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