15) Q: When do I need to incorporate?

Answer: Every client’s needs are unique and accordingly our advice needs to be tailored and customized to your circumstances.

To guide you in making this decision, please visit https://www.positiveaccounting.ca/accounting/incorporation/

13) Q: When can I expect my tax refund from the CRA?

Answer: It is CRA’s goal to issue a notice of assessment, including any applicable refund, within:

two weeks of receiving your electronically filed return; or
eight weeks of receiving your paper filed return.

These timelines are only valid for returns received on or before their filing due dates.

9) Q: How do I recognize a CRA Scam?

Answer: Unfortunately, there are some shady individuals requesting your personal information. DO NOT divulge your personal details and DO NOT make any payments without substantiating all the facts.

Please see the CRA article below for more information: https://www.

8) Q: What is E-Filing?

Answer: Filing your tax return electronically with the CRA. It allows your tax returns to be processed faster with a quicker turnaround from the CRA.

7) Q: What is a Notice of Re-Assessment?

Answer: A revised Notice of Assessment is issued by the CRA after the initial NOA. This may be due to additional or missing information that has come to the attention of the CRA, which was not reported on your initially filed personal tax return.

6) Q: What is an NOA?

Answer: A Notice of Assessment is issued by the CRA at the assessment of your filed tax return. It is to verify the information that you have filed against the records of the CRA.