Financial Strategy Coaching

Frequently, business owners boast about their multi-million dollar revenue, causing confusion in the entrepreneurial community. While having substantial revenue is impressive, it is essential to comprehend its significance fully. An accountant may not be impressed by revenue but instead by profit. A profitable business is truly noteworthy. Nevertheless, many businesses with high revenue have failed due to a lack of profit.

Profit is the amount of money a business earns, calculated by deducting all expenses from revenue within a specific period. Taxable profit is what remains. Understanding business finances and cash flow can be challenging for many business owners, leading them to seek help.

With the surge in coaching services, entrepreneurs can find coaches specializing in any topic. However, have you considered the benefits of a business finance coach?

At Positive Accounting, we know numbers, we understand financials. Financial coaching at Positive Accounting is about you being accountable to your dreams, your passions, your business. Our process is to help you walk the line…

Understanding financial data is not limited to accounting and debit and credits. It means understanding your business on a deeper level. When you comprehend your business finances, you can make informed decisions as the CEO, leading to increased profitability.

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