Payroll Services

Making payroll problems a thing of the past

It would be nice if paying your staff was as easy as taking the cash you make and divvying it up among your employees. The reality is dealing with payroll isn’t that simple. It requires time, effort and a whole lot of paperwork to make sure it is done correctly. Positive Accounting can help make the process simpler.

We offer assistance with:

  • Payroll Processing
  • Government Remittance
  • T4 Preparation

If you’re a business based in the Milton, Oakville, Hamilton or Greater Toronto Area, why not consider turning your payroll work over to Positive Accounting? We have the experience to get it done right while making sure all paperwork and tax remittances are completed. Contact us today.

We love math, so here is a simple equation for you to try and solve. What does more time plus less stress equal? The answer is Payroll Services from Positive Accounting.